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(🎁2024 New Year Hot Sale🎁)CATNIP WALL BALL(Buy More Save More)

(🎁2024 New Year Hot Sale🎁)CATNIP WALL BALL(Buy More Save More)

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Do you know the benefits of catnip?

It  facilitates digestion,  stimulates the kitty's intestinal system  which helps it  better regurgitate hairballs. This saves him serious health problems. We offer you our catnip wall ball which will encourage your hairball to chew it and thus avoid these inconveniences.


Our Catnip Ball will promote intestinal peristalsis to improve digestion and help your cat clear hairballs from the stomach. A healthy cat is a happy cat. Euphoric, it will reduce your kitty's anxiety.  

Catnip Ball is made with pure natural plant extracts and no chemical additives, completely safe and edible for cats.  It  will improve your  kitty 's vitality and appetite , relieve boredom and anxiety.

In addition, the catnip ball is effective in removing plaque and tartar that accumulates with meals on the teeth, it eliminates bad breath and protects oral health.

Give your cat the pleasure of enjoying our Cataireballe, and let him play as much as he wants, you will see an improvement in his behavior, he will feel soothed and serene.

The Catnip Ball attaches to doors, walls or windows quite easily.  You will be able to place several in your house and thus encourage your cat to remain active during your absences.




Size : 5.5*5*3.5cm; 35g

Indication  : Suitable for cats over 6 months old .

Material  : Natural catnip, contains no chemicals

Shelf life :18 months

Color  : Green,  Blue, Pink .

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